Turkey applied restrictions on foreigners’ property purchase until 2012. According to the reciprocity law, a foreign citizen could not purchase property unless a reciprocal sales agreement existed between the countries. However, aiming to strengthen foreign property investment rate, Turkey abolished this restriction in 2012. In consequence of this, it has become legal for the citizens of more than 129 countries to purchase property without any condition. Although there are some restrictions on certain countries, the citizens of these nations are still permitted to purchase a property if they provide the required conditions. However, according to the regulation:

•The citizens of Armenia and Syria are not allowed to purchase a property in Turkey.
•Since Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Bulgaria, and Greece are bordering countries of Turkey, the citizens of these countries are not allowed to purchase property in the cities
bordering Turkey and their own countries.
•It is not allowed for foreign citizens to purchase more than 30 hectares of property.
•It is not allowed for foreign citizens to purchase a property which is larger than 10 percent of the surface area of the city in which they are planning to purchase a property.

Those who are planning to make a property investment in Turkey are recommended to consult Turkish embassies or consulates.

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