Working In Turkey

Turkey is the world's 17th largest economy, declared the World Bank in 2017. Especially despite the fluctuations in the economy in 2018, Turkey remains one of the largest economies in the world. The country may be known especially as a historical and touristic country, but this does not mean that thousands of foreigners do not prefer Turkey for different business opportunities.

What Jobs Are Available For Foreigners In Turkey?

The unemployment rate in Turkey has risen in recent years, but this does not prevent the growth of the employee deficit in certain sectors. The areas which foreigners in Turkey prefer to work most are administrative and management departments, translation and editorial works, tourism industry, technical occupations in electronics and software fields as well as health and medical fields.

Working In Turkey Without Work Permit

Whether you are hired by a company or you are establishing your own business, a foreigner must obtain an official work permit to work in any business in Turkey. Otherwise, it is considered informal employee. Working without a work permit means that the foreigner cannot benefit from any official and social rights that are provided by Turkish government. It can also prevent the employee from seeking their rights, so work permit is essential for foreign employees. If a foreigner working in Turkey is identified without a work permit, it can result in deportation.

Turkish Citizenship And Work Permit

There are four types of work permits granted to foreigners in Turkey: work permit for a definite period, work permit for an indefinite period, independent work permit and Turquoise Card.

Work permit for a definite period is granted for a maximum period of one year according to the agreement signed between the foreign employee and their employer. At the end of this period, the employee who continues to work at the same work place will be granted 2-year work permit. The maximum period of work permit to be granted is 3 years. Work permit for an indefinite period is granted to the foreigners who have long-term residence permits in Turkey or who have been working in Turkey for at least 8 years. Independent work permit is subject to certain conditions. In general, this work permit can be given to foreign company partners regarding, for example, the value of the capital investment made in Turkey. Turquoise Card is given to foreigners who contribute to Turkey in the fields of economics, science, technology, industry, or who establish company and generate employment by investing.

In some cases, foreigners are not required to apply for a work permit; parents or children of Turkish citizens, siblings of Turkish citizens for at least 1 year, Turkish citizens of TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), foreigners who have been granted residence permit within the framework of Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) practices, and people who have obtained a residence permit for humanitarian reasons.

Required Documents For Work Permit In Turkey

Applications for Turkish citizenship and work permit made from abroad can be submitted to Turkish consulates. However, foreigners in Turkey can apply online. During the application for work permit in Turkey, the employer's electronic signature and REM (Registered Electronic Mail) address, the applicant’s own REM address, employment agreement, invitation letter, application petition, foreign personnel application form, passport copy, diploma (translated into Turkish), Turkish Trade Registry Gazette of the work place, Balance Sheet proving profit and loss statement for the last year are required.

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